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Marsh, the world’s leading provider of risk management solutions, is a truly global enterprise and an ideal company to work for if you want to see the world.


Operating in over 100 countries across all global continents, some 25 000 Marsh & McLennan Group colleagues engage with all manner of corporate clients and with different national insurance markets, while encountering a variety of insurable risks and major loss events.

The in-house Marsh University platform enables Marsh staff to continuously connect, ask, share, learn, search, publish and view the enormous wealth of knowledge and experience offered by colleagues. The university has become a world of documented and personal knowledge, created and updated daily and exclusively by Marsh colleagues.

When you contribute to Marsh University, it means sharing your knowledge, experiences and interests with fellow colleagues – through penning, recording blog-posts or participating in conversations – and receiving responses from around the world. You are never isolated and the site is in action 24 hours a day. Colleagues can share their expertise with someone across the passage or the world, using Internet forums such as blogs or video-logs.

No matter how long you’ve worked at Marsh, we recognise that every colleague has valuable knowledge, expertise and experience to share. Everyone is, therefore, regarded as both a learner and a teacher.

Marsh University reinforces our commitment to an environment where colleagues can connect and learn about various topics, from personal development to career growth or practice-specific information. Every colleague has passions, experiences or insights to share and, as an organisation, Marsh sees it as true business success when colleagues can and do share their knowledge and ideas with each other.

We are committed to ensuring that our colleagues have daily access to the best information, tools and individuals to support their professional and personal development and to service their global clients.


Muriel Sokkie

Executive Human Resources Division − Marsh Africa


Why did you choose a career in insurance and how did you enter the industry?

I joined Marsh from General Electric (GE) South Africa where I held various HR positions, the latest being HR manager for the Southern and East African regions. I played an important part in establishing a team to strategically source talent, capitalise on growth opportunities and lead the formation of a sub-Saharan Africa strategy on acquiring, developing and retaining female and
key talent.

I decided to join Marsh because the role would give me an opportunity to grow even further and, as Marsh had just gone through a merger with Alexander Forbes, the prospect was very exciting.

I lead the HR team to ensure integration initiatives are executed and I partner with the senior leadership team in the region to make certain that Marsh Africa has the capability and capacity to grow.


How did you get to where you are today and how would you advise those with similar aspirations?

I got here with hard work and perseverance. You need to understand your own abilities, strengths and areas needing development. Build on your strengths and narrow the gaps in areas that need development.


Do you think it’s better to stay with one company, or move about?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution; each person has unique needs. However, you should remain at a company, or in a role, to develop domain expertise and to be seen as an individual who can see projects through to completion.


How has the insurance industry changed since you entered it?

It has become very competitive. You are able to develop your skills in various sectors due to the vast amount of talent in the field. There have been a number of mergers between the larger brokers.


What advice would you give school-leavers who are unsure about what career to pursue?

Find out what you love doing and pursue that as a career. Sometimes we have areas that we are good at, but they would not be a viable career choice. In other instances something makes a good career choice, but we don’t necessarily want to do it for the rest of our lives. The ideal is to find where those three things converge and develop and hone these into a career.


Why do you think insurance is an exciting industry to be in?

It is a prosperous career where you are encouraged to develop yourself. There is a wide variety of fields to select and is competitive.


How is the insurance industry important to South African economy?

It is very important to the growth of the economy. Industries must be adequately protected to guarantee business continuity.


What message do you have for South African school-leavers?

A good education is the foundation for your future. Be sure to arm yourself for your future by investing in your learning and development.

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